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Babywearing Tips

When bending down to offer your child a wee or visiting the loo yourself, don’t forget to tuck the ends of a wrap somewhere so they don’t get wet!


Leg warmers are very handy for keeping your child’s ankles draft-free when out and about babywearing. They also work well at keeping your child’s shoes on when in a sling.


Always make sure you can easily slip your finger between your child's chin and their chest to be sure their airway isn't squashed.


Consider a tiny clip-on mirror for back carries if you feel concerned you can't see your child's face or consider learning a high back carry such as the Tibetan carry.


Can you kiss the top of your child's head when they are in the wrap or carrier in one of the front positions? If you can't they are too low and this will put a strain on your back.


Don't forget that your wrap can be used as a sun shade in the car, a pillow, a cushion or a blanket - and many other things!


Put your stretchy wrap/carrier on before you need to use it.  If you start to put it on when you're baby/child is crying/needing to be carried this may make you feel more rushed. If you can pre-tie your carrier when your child is asleep/contented, then you can take your time, get the wrap tightness just right, and be all ready for when your child wants a lovely, cosy, cuddle!


Keep trying different slings at different ages. As my baby is growing, slings that initially didn't work will come into their own, while early favourites might not work so well.





Always check that your child's knees are parallel to or higher than their hips. Legs shouldn't 'hang' but should be supported by the fabric or carrier up to the hollow of the knees.


When out and about (and at home too) elasticated waists make adult toilet trips easier when you are babywearing a sleeping child. Belt buckles and trouser zips require more fiddling and the larger the child the trickier this becomes!


Choose a wrap in a colour you are happy wearing every day and goes well with most of your clothing as you may end up living in it!

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