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Babywearing Support


Sling Meet - a UK-based, nationwide network of meet-ups for interested babywearers to share support and experience. The online forum allows you to find the details of meetings in your county or you can organise a Sling Meet yourself!


School of Babywearing - a useful page for parents linking to listed babywearing consultants, training course information and aand growing list of UK Sling Groups & Libraries (many are Sling Meets, others are run by NCT or are independent groups with active Facebook pages).


Sling Guide - a UK-based independent resource for babywearing-related information run by parents for parents. An excellent guide when choosing a sling and understanding positional safety.


UK Sling Libraries - a database of sling libraries throughout the UK. Sling Libraries are run by experienced babywearers and offer slings to be tried on or for hire. This service is often invaluable in helping discover the most appropriate sling.


Nine Reasons not to Carry Your Baby Facing Out - interesting blog piece from Boba Family about why forward facing is not recommended


T.I.C.K.S - a useful 5-point easy-to-remember check-list to ensure safe positioning.


Natural Mamas - a natural parenting and babywearing website that features a babywearing-related forum, blog, articles and much more.


Liberty Slings - run by attachment parenting advocates with a comprehensive links page this site also has excellent instructions with photographs on how to use a ring sling or pouch.



Training in Babywearing


British Association of Babywearing Instructors - a one-stop resource of how, why and where to train to become a sling consultant as well as a UK directory of qualified consultants.


Trageschule UK - with over 15 years of experience within the German-based Trageschule (carry-school) the UK branch offers indepth 3-day courses at Foundation, Advanced or Certification level.


School of Babywearing - founded in 2010, this social enterprise and rapidly growing school offers one-day introductory courses, peer support courses and 3-day consultant courses. They also offer support, listing and affordable insurance to qualified consultants.



International Babywearing Websites


Babywearing International - a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advocating babywearing. They hold an International Babywearing Week every October with special events held worldwide (predominantly in the UK).


The BabyWearer - a US-based site with a huge amount of information on babywearing including instructions on how to make different slings yourself.

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Babywearing is advocated by attachment parenting organisations around the world and is an art that fosters strong bonds between baby and wearer. Choosing a sling may take some time and babywearing consultants in the UK generally offer very reasonable rates with the aim of helping a babywearer discover the most suitable position, style and carrier for their unique needs. Not all slings are made equal and poor positioning is of course a possibility. If you are new to babywearing, here are some resources that may help you in deciding how to carry the most precious person in your life before, during and after they discover their feet!

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