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API Speaks - Attachment Parenting International blog with different contributors on various interesting themes.


BabyCalm - written by Sarah Ockwell-Smith, the founder of babyCalm, this blog offers a mix of personal and evidence-based posts which are both informative, compelling and worth returning to time and again.


Lisa Hassan Scott - UK mother and La Leche League writer sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas about mothering, breastfeeding, yoga and the mind.


Analytical Armadillo - written by a UK lactation consultant and mother, this blog largely focuses on breastfeeding matters but also dips into the realm of attachment parenting, sleep, education and psychology.


Attachment Mummy - a Sussex-based mum of two, Leta is an advocate of attachment parenting posting about all sorts of topics relevant to family life. Her posts generate a lot of comments well worth reading too.


Lulastic - another fabulous UK blog sharing a curious mix of attachment parenting related posts and kooky thrifty home decor ideas.


Diary of a First Child - described as the real life of a wannabe superwoman, this UK blog looks at all aspects of natural parenting and family life including features on home learning, travel and recipes.


The Mule - a UK blog mixing endearing humour with insight into early attachment, breastfeeding, positive birth, evidence based parenting, and the rights of women and children.


Parenting with Understanding - thoughtful blog by a UK mum-of-one who shares her experiences of parenting without punishments or rewards, but with compassion and respect, and above all, with understanding.


Honoured from Birth - a blog dedicated to understanding and  overcoming the barriers that prevent young people from living in an environment which respects their unique needs. Focus is put on the family, childcare, education and the wider community


Born Blog - a UK blog from Borndirect, the UK's first natural parenting store (Bristol & Stoke Newington). Posts include attachment parenting-friendly insights and ideas on all aspects of raising young children as well as interesting product focus on new and innovative items in the store.


Uncommon John - written by Canada's most popular parenting columnist John Hoffman, Hoffman offers fresh perspectives, an adroit interpretation of research and in his own words, 'unconventional wisdom'! His blogs on infant sleep are all more than worth reading.


DrMomma - Heartfelt, engaging and informative blog with a strong attachment parenting emphasis.


Aha Parenting - Dr Laura Markham's blog focuses on issues facing parents attempting to practice peaceful parenting approaches.


Evolutionary Parenting - this blog is centered on approaches to natural parenting and discusses how evolution designed us to interact with our children.


The Weaning Times - highly approachable baby-led weaning blog by an Irish mum living in Surrey, UK. The site also has useful recipes categorised into breakfast, lunch and dinner and an active Facebook page.


Authentic Parenting - a blog written by a well-travelled AP mum currently living the DR Congo and raising her daughter while sharing thoughts an ideas on many topics. There is an witty (and useful!) blog entry on how to handle criticism about AP practices!


Natural Papa - curated by Derek, husband, father and self-proclaimed tree hugger, this blog candidly discusses a father's feelings about raising his children attachment style and supporting his wife through home birth and with home schooling. Derek also loves anything to do with very small houses!


Go Fatherhood Blog - The Single Dad's Attachment Parenting blog written by an American father - this blog is about to evolve into the Surviving Fatherhood blog as his three children grow older.


Amanda Blake Soule - living in Maine, Amanda blogs about her life with five children while crafting and experiencing nature. Projects involve recycled materials include baby slings, cotton sanitary pads and plenty of lovely ideas for harnassing childrens artistic ideas.


Heligirl - a humourous site by a mother sharing positive discipline parenting tools with the aim of raising capable, happy and secure children.


Beltway Babywearers - a Babywearing International Chapter in the US by a mother of two who shares interesting information and personal experiences of babywearing one (or two!) children in various slings, wraps and carriers.


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