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Breastfeeding Tips

Don't get caught up obsessing about how long each feed is - enjoy the time to watch your baby or read a book. Your baby will usually stop when he/she is full.


Consider using Lanolin cream for sore or cracked nipples.


For warm nightwear when breastfeeding in a chilly climate, consider wearing a turtle neck top with a slit cut from your belly button to the neck (or horizontally under the breasts) - it keeps your arms and body warm and allows easy access!


If you need an extra breastfeeding-friendly base layer in very cold weather take a cheap turtle neck and cut two circles for your breasts - dress as normal on top of this base layer without laughing too much!


Make up a breastfeeding basket and keep it close to your favourite breastfeeding spot. Don’t forget to include water, snacks, a muslin, a book/kindle, some breast pads (Lansinoh cream) a pen and paper, baby's nail clippers, your phone, remote control, craft project, and why not some essential oils/lip balm (oh, and it's been suggested we add chocolate too!)


Some infants love to feed and suckle through the night or wake if you are not there, even for a few seconds. As a result, some mums find themselves carrying their infant with them to the toilet in the middle of the night. You can make things a little easier by tearing off some toilet paper squares the evening before. That way you are not trying to tear toilet paper one-handed in the dark!


It is tempting to favour one breast for feeding – in the long term try to use both as evenly as possible unless you are ok with having one breast smaller than the other!


At the first sign of mastitis take yourself to bed and rest....breastfeed, rest, drink lots of water and rest!


If you're finding specialist breastfeeding clothing expensive, shirts and cardigans work great if you prefer not to lift your top and expose your tummy.


If your newborn is very windy and gassy, express some foremilk, throw it away and then offer the breast. Sometimes too much foremilk with its complex sugars can be irritating for an immature gut.


Adapt a regular spaghetti strap top into a breastfeeding camisole by cutting off the straps and replacing them with adjustable bra straps - you can get these cheaply in various designs, including bejewelled ones!


Cheap boob tubes make for economical belly bands for warm-bellied breastfeeding!


It can be exhausting to breastfeed in the early days, try to learn how to feed lying down on the bed as soon as you can. Then you will be able to nap safely on the bed while baby feeds. Putting a pillow behind you and a rolled up towel behind baby can help you both relax into a side lying position facing each other.


When you experience a blocked duct use gentle massage to relieve the pain. Lie flat on your stomach in a warm bath and massage from the outside of your breast in towards the nipple. Or for awkward spots ask someone else to massage you.


If at any time you feel milk supply may be an issue during a growth spurt, take to bed topless and have baby cuddle in with you wearing just a nappy. Only leave the bed for bathroom breaks.



During pregnancy watch a video demonstrating a successful latch so you have a good idea of the most important points - your baby should be 'tummy to mummy' and have their mouth full of nipple!


Go to your local La Leche League group - even if feeding has been plain sailing there are always challenging times either physically or emotionally and a support network can be priceless.



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