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Clothing Tips

Merino wool is excellent for regulating a child’s temperature. Natural fibres are always popular and are excellent for keeping your child warm in the winter but not so great for keeping out wind.


Mocassin sock slippers are great for giving grip, being comfy, not falling off, keeping the ankles warm and washing easily in the machine.


A sleeping bag is a good way of ensuring your baby doesn’t get too cold at night while cosleeping. To prevent dirt penetrating the white coating on your child’s trainers, spray them with starch once you have bought them.


Buy wrap-a-round bodysuits for newborns if they don’t enjoy things being put over their heads.


Buy the extra long nightgowns for newborns to make nappy changing easier at night.


For toddlers and beyond who like to choose clothes – prepare two or three outfit options and offer them a choice of these so that they are dressed appropriately for the weather or occasion.


Encourage self-dressing so that by age 3 they can dress themselves (feeling capable is so important). Help by laying clothes out and showing how to ‘dive’ into tops.


Save those special items of baby clothing that will give you the most nostalgic memories - you can make craft projects with them as family keepsakes full of happy recollections.


Try getting dried-in blood out of clothing by rubbing plain white tothpaste into stains.


Once your child has outgrown their onsie you can cut the feet off and sew up a tiny hem and get an extra month or two wear out of them.


Don't keep small baby/toddlers clothes for best, if you really like it let them wear it more often otherwise it will probably sit in the cupboard unused.

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