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Positive Discipline Courses


Positive Discipline - a US-based resource with information and training for parents, facilitators and teachers. Training is possible in the UK by way of the DVD training programme.


Positive Discipline Association - a US-based non-profit organisation promoting the principles of positive discipline based on the work of the Austrain psychiatrist, Alfred Adler. This site includes many interesting articles related to behaviour and respectful family relationships.



Positive Discipline Resources


Attachment Parenting International - Positive Discipline is one of the eight principles underpinning APIs mission of helping parents raise secure, empathetic and joyful children. As well as the helpful FAQ section under 'About Discipline' there are frequent entries on the topic on the 'API Speaks' blog.


Positive Discipline Online Manual - superb 5 chapter manual produced by Save the Children Sweden explaining what positive discipline is (and what it is not) and how to do it. It includes excellent step-by-step exercises for parents and includes notes on post-natal depression, excessive crying, parental anger and more.


Parenting & NVC - a great video (one of many) on how to deal with the child who says 'no'!


Aware Parenting - an attachment-orientated parenting website based on the philosophy of Swiss-American developmental psychologist Aletha Solter. There are many useful articles addressing non-punitive discipline, healing stress, non-violent communication and peaceful conflict resolution.


Nonviolent Communication - the tool for compassionate communication that can transform relationships and build trust and empathy between parents and children.


Essential Parenting - an AP-style approach to child human development, this site offers classes but there is an excellent amount of free information that clearly explains how loving discipline works and distinguishes differences between different approaches.


Ask Dr Sears - a near life-long advocate of attachment parenting, Dr Sears is an American paediatrician. The Sears site has a large number of discipline-related articles and tips to help parents avoid corporal punishment and deal with aggressive or negative behaviour in young children.


Hand in Hand Parenting - useful articles on a range of specific topics with practical tips on handling situations.


Dr. Laura Markham - an attachment parenting advocate whose website offers excellent age-specific developmental guidelines as well as in-depth discussion on how and why positive discipline can lead to happier relationships.


The Authentic Parent - run by Naomi Aldort, a renowned attachment parenting advocate whose website includes relevant articles, lectures and videos relevant to positive discipline.


Attachment Parenting Canada - this site has a specific page for parenting older children, tweens and teens with articles suggesting ideas for helping balance family life with both schoolers and homeschoolers.

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Sometimes known as gentle discipline, the aim of positive discipline focuses on a mutually respectful co-operative relationship between child and carer. Positive discipline does not include rewards, punishments, threats, spanking, coercion or time-outs. Positive discipline seeks to address what might be happening within the attachment-relationship rather than looking exclusively at the actual behaviour. Not to be confused with permissive parenting, positive discipline is a loving approach that provides children with a framework that allows them to develop their own sense of good judgement rather than obedience. Positive role modelling is also central to this parenting style and requires parents and carers to act with empathy and honesty.

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