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Home Education Forum - a UK information portal and communication network for home educators including a business directory, blog, forum and latest news.


Freedom in Education - a UK site incorporating articles on homeschool-related topics as well as information on Montessori and Steiner. There is a free newsletter and a useful article on educating very young children.


Home-Education - full of resources, articles, legal information, support options and forums, this site also has a helpful FAQ page for parents.


Home Schooling Ideas - written by an American mum homeschooling in the UK this website is fantastic for offering ideas on what to teach and how - it includes a loose schedule, pros and cons, personal stories, blogs and a newsletter.


Muddle Puddle - a family blog/website offering a rich choice of resources on learning styles, homeschooling philosophies, a variety of games and even a section on health.


Home-Ed - a family-run website with a well-considered approach to offering information on the practicalities and philosophies involved in homeschooling as well as providing interesting education pages for use in the home.












Montessori Index - the International Montessori index provides explanations of the Montessori method, a list of schools throughout the UK, FAQ, information on teacher training and much more.


Montessori Education - the National Standards Body in the UK for Montessori teaching, this site is useful for parents and teachers alike and offers news, resources and events.


Montessori Society - the Montessori society offers short courses for parents who wish to assist in a Montessori setting. The site also includes an excellent synopsis of Montessori teaching from infancy through to secondary. There are useful videos and photographs showing the teaching environment.










Steiner Waldorf


Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship - the membership organisation for all Steiner school settings in the UK and Ireland. This website clearly explains the different ages and stages of education, suggests recommended reading, lists job vacancies and a list of schools.


Rudolph Steiner - excellently varied information on the many interests and work of Rudolph Steiner, including his writings on science, agriculture, medicine, religion and anthroposophy.


Rudolph Steiner Press - an independent publishing company dedicated to cataloging and publishing Steiner's extensive writing as well as Steiner-inspired publications. There are free MP3 samples and a downloadable catalogue.


Waldorf Books - an American resource but worth browsing for the wide array of books by, or in line with, Steiner philosophy and listed helpfully under categories such as 'Healing Arts', 'Family Reading', 'Curriculum Guides' or 'Teaching Resources'.


Rudolph Steiner House - located in NW1 the Rudolph Steiner House offers weekly events, classes and groups in addition to conferences and workshops. There is also a library and biodynamic cafe.










Forest School


Forest Education Initiative - information on learning projects, rural skills training, careers and how to find or start a Local Cluster Group. There are also details of events for each country in Great Britain.


Muddy Faces - a fun company supplying equipment for Forest activities including books, clothing, nature guides, Forest School tools and various games.


Forest Schools - if you want to train to become a Forest School Practitioner this site offers a wealth of information on a variety of different training courses, a list of schools nationwide and a history of Forest Schooling.


Forest Research - a participatory evaluation of Forest School in England and Wales conducted by the Forestry Commission.










Unique Schools


Alternative Education Resource Organisation - fascinating non-profit dedicated to making learner-centred education widely available. The site lists all the democratic schools and alternative higher education venues in the UK.


Educare Small School - a non-profit educational community located in London, Educare is a unique school that incorporates Alexander Technique and a Movement Circle into the daily life at school. A flexible and holistic approach is applied to 'education' and a respect for individuality is part of the general ethos.


The Froebel Small School - based in East Sussex, this primary school offers a holistic kindergarten and primary curriculum based on the work of Frederich Froebel. Much of the time is spent outdoors in a woodland setting learning from nature.


Brockwood Park School - inspired by the work of J. Krishnamurti's teachings, Brockwood is an international co-educational boarding school in Hampshire. Emphasis is on a non-competitive environment where students are encouraged to develop open-mindedness, and emotional sensitivity.


Summerhill School - founded in 1921, Summerhill is a co-educational boarding school in Suffolk and widely known as a founding 'free' school aspiring to be a progressive, democratic education model.


Maharishi Schools - located in Richmond, Suffolk and Lancashire, these recently-formed Free Schools incorporate the meditative practice of Transcendental Meditation into the daily school life. Class sizes are small and the atmosphere is harmonious.







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The schooling versus homeschooling debate is sometimes a rather polarised one (where are the flexi-schools?!) and misunderstandings about what homeschooling or unschooling actually involves are not untypical. Helping your child decide where to spend the majority of their daytime is not always easy - sometimes options are limited and restricted by other circumstances. How do we ensure that the environment our children learn in is one that fosters a love of learning, where interests can be pursued enthusiastically and where age groups can mix and enjoy all they have to offer each other?

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