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Breastfeeding Support


La Leche League GB - an international organisiation with UK nationwide support groups, excellent resources in printed form and support via email or phone.


National Breastfeeding Helpline - 0300 100 0212 a government-backed source of breastfeeding advice based in the UK manned by trained advisors from the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and the Breastfeeding Network.


Kellymom - US evidence-based resource with excellent information on all aspects of nursing including hot topics such as nursing your child to sleep, supplemental nursing systems, low milk supply, tandem breastfeeding, vitamins & supplements, mastitis and much more.


Breastfeeding Network - 0844 412 4664 a UK-based breastfeeding support charity with centres and drop-in groups nationwide as well as a phone helpline. Useful information sheets and a dedicated helpline relating to 'drugs in breastmilk'.


Breastfeeding & Medication - UK site established by a pharmacist who worked for many years on the National Drugs in Breastmilk Helpline. There are useful factsheets and she offers workshops and lectures in London, Portsmouth & Peterborough.


Bump to Breastfeeding Videos - produced by Best Beginnings, an organisation commited to giving every baby a healthy start in life, this webpage has links to a series of breastfeeding videos including a very useful graphic video of how a baby latches on the breast .


Biological Nurturing - a site for mothers and professionals that encourages laid back breastfeeding and proposes that mothers and babies are naturally versatile feeders. Testimonials and downloadable publications make this an interesting read.


Lactation Consultants of Great Britain - this site provides extensive resources and up-to-date information on the subject of lactation and lists qualified lactation consultants in every county.


Baby Milk Action - a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring more effective controls on the marketing of the baby feeding industry.


Meleda UK - a company committed to producing BPA-free breast pumps and containers using the latest technology. The site also has interesting fact sheets and information on breast anatomy, how infants suckle and details on cleft palate.



Human Milk Donation


If you would like to donate human milk to your nearest large hospital, contact the Infant Feeding Co-ordinator and if you are eligible the forms will be sent out by a Ward Clerk on SKBU (this information may vary depending on the hospital).


UK Association of Milk Banking - a charity dedicated to providing information relating to human milk banking. The site covers how to become a breast milk donor, where milk banks are located throughout the UK as well as a comprehensive list of FAQs.


Human Milk for Human Babies - website dedicated to fostering community between families who choose to share breastmilk. The site supports a global milksharing network of thousands of people in over fifty countries.



Bottle Feeding Support 


How to Bottle Nurse a Baby - a step-by-step guide and a video explaining how to simulate breastfeeding while using a bottle containing expressed breast milk or formula. This technique is referred to as bottle nursing and is suggested as a way of strengthening the carer/child attachment during feeding.


Guide to Bottle Feeding - a comprehensive guide published by UNICEF in conjunction with The Baby Friendly Initiative and the Food Standards Agency.


Alternative Feeding Methods - an excellent source of articles relating to alternative feeding methods including cups, droppers, syringes and feeding tubes. This site also addresses how to bottle feed a breastfed baby, how to wean a baby back to the breast and how to introduce bottles.


Cleft Lip & Palate Support - a UK-wide organisation providing free starter packs available through a dedicated cleft nurse to all babies born in the UK. The feeding starter pack contains specialist soft bottles and teats.


Paced-Bottle Feeding - an excellent La Leche League resource on bottle feeding a breastfed baby within a daycare setting. This information sheet offers suggestions on exactly how to offer the bottle and respond to the child being cared for when the mother is not available.


How to Bottle-feed as you'd Breastfeed - another guide on how to bottle nurse with useful photographs emphasising the importance of a good latch.



Weaning & Beyond


Baby-Led Weaning - a 4-page article offering guidelines on implementing a baby-led approach to introducing solid foods.


Baby-Led Weaning - a UK website with information on how and why to parent a child who is initiating their own food exploration and consumption. The active forum covers many baby-led weaning related topics, concerns and general queries.


Parenting Science - useful site offering 10 research-based tips on dealing with picky eaters as well as an evidence-based food and nutrition guide for kids looking at supplements, taste preference development and mercury levels in fish among other things.


My Child Won't Eat! - published by La Leche League this book addresses all the parental worries concerning food, growth, calorific needs, allergies, food disorders and much more. Highly reviewed.



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Food - not just feeding but nourishing on many levels! Breastfeeding can be a smooth journey or a rocky one and support is crucial. Understanding and empathy for bottle nursing mums who wanted to breastfeed is sometimes lacking. Introducing solids is part of the subtle learning of who your child is while stresses over food consumption with toddlers is very common. There are some fantastic resources out there. Whatever your choices, if you can find a local support group, don't be shy to join as it could make a huge difference.

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