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Birthing Groups


Midwifery - the association of radical midwives has a list of local groups nationwide offering support.



Babywearing Groups


SlingMeet - nationwide network of babywearing groups run by and for babywearing parents. Some groups create their own sling libraries and often those who go along have considerable experience to share.


UK Sling Libraries - useful directory of sling libraries throughout the UK, listed by region. Many of these libraries are affiliated to groups, SlingMeet or babywearing stores.



Nappy Free Groups


Nappy Free Baby - website dedicated to informing parents about how to practice nappy-free which features a list of contacts and support groups in England and Scotland.


Born Ready - website featuring details of EC which includes an active forum for advice and information on how to start and enjoy nappy-free time.



Natural Parenting Forums


The Continuum Concept - virtual forum for people who have read Jean Leidloff's book, The Continuum Concept. A diverse, global and fascinating forum for a myriad selection of topics and ideas.


The Bundle Jungle - pregnancy and parenting forum which includes babywearing, breastfeeding, baby led weaning and cloth nappies among the many topics up for discussion.


Natural Mamas - the home of babywearing and natural parenting with a busy forum covering all aspects of attachment parenting practices.


The Green Parent - a diverse parenting forum with a popular preloved section and including shared experiences on attachment parenting themes.



Outdoor Groups


The Woodcraft Folk - a co-operatively organised group network nationwide offering groups in an outdoor setting which are co-led by children, young adults and parents with an ethos of sharing and community and respect for nature. Groups are offered for various age ranges and parents are encouraged to participate.


Nature-Play - an outdoor AP-friendly group meeting weekly in Highgate Woods and Sydenham Hill Woods for child-led explorative play. Everyone welcome and sessions are free.



Non-Vaccination Groups


Arnica - a UK organisation committed to supporting immunity naturally. The parents' support network is accessible via the many groups listed on their website and running in England, Northern Ireland and Jersey.


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