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Hygiene Tips

It's easy not to brush the hair of a toddler who doesn't want it but it's important for keeping creepy crawlies at bay - make it into a game or make it a special job for dad or an older sibling.


When changing a nappy on a wriggly toddler – ask them to point out their ears, eyes, mouth, nose etc. It engages them in a fun way while you do a speedy change. Giving them an interesting object such as a small torch or family photograph also works well.


Keep teething gel in the fridge so enhance it's effectiveness.


Cut up old t-shirts to use as washable wipes. They don't fray or molt, can be washed on a high temperature, are soft on the skin, very absorbant and can be thrown away guilt-free in a disaster!


Remove your babies socks before you open the stinky nappy or your child will plonk their socks in the poo!


When removing a vest from a newborn who may have had a nappy leak, pull down over shoulders and arms and take off downwards rather than over the head. This means there is no risk to getting any mess in baby's hair or on their face.


Don’t attempt to brush your young toddler’s teeth while they are standing up! Lay them down – either on your lap looking up at you or on the bed and ask them to do a ‘hippo’ mouth!


When washing hair, ask the child to look up at the ceiling so the water doesn’t run in their eyes. Stick something on the ceiling to help them focus their gaze upwards if they aren’t keen on hair washing.


When washing your childrens' hands be sure to encourage they rub with soap for 20 seconds for the wash to be effective.




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