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Parenting Apps

Positive Discipline – a pack of tool cards that each contain a useful tool for living and communicating with your children. None of the cards include punishments, rewards or praise, instead they offer ideas that foster cooperation and problem-solving. The cards can be shuffled and dipped into if you need a little inspiration. £1.99


Happy No Nappy - This App teaches about Elimination Communication (EC) or Infant Potty Training. The Diaper Free movement builds on the theory that babies are born with the ability to communicate their need to wee and poop. EC is the practice of learning your baby's (ideally 0-18 months) signals and body language, in order to facilitate their bathroom needs. £0.69


iWearBaby – learn 4 different wrap styles for wearing your baby. Offering a succinct look at the benefits of babywearing, this App provides drawings and written explanations on how to do The Kangeroo wrap, The Cradle wrap, The Piggyback wrap and The Hipster wrap. It also includes details on how to tie a sliding knot. £1.49


Dunstan Baby Ears - designed to help you understand the different newborn cries  in order to respond appropriately and soothe your baby. The app features 5 videos of different crying sounds, each one communicating a different need. There are also practice modules to help you fine-tune your listening skills as well as 20 parent Q&A with tips. £3.99


Lactation Lite - app for parents and medical advisors regarding the compatability of pharmaceutical drugs and breastfeeding. You can enter the name of a condition or medication and read comments, contraindications and the associated risk level. FREE


Signing Hands; Baby Signing Basics - very visual and very engaging for all ages the babysigning cards offer easy to follow step-by-step basics for baby signing, with tips and exercises to make it fun. £1.99


NCT Babychange - constantly improving, this app allows you to enter your location and find out the closest baby changing facilities on a helpful map. FREE


Hypnobirthing Home Study - this Hypno 4 Birth app aims to prepare mothers for a more comfortable birth and explains how this may be possible and what hypnosis is and isn't. It offers mp3 birth affirmations and mp3 progressive relaxation for teaching helpful relaxtion techniques to use during labour. There are also encouraging excerpts from positive Hypno 4 Birth  stories. There are beautiful images too. FREE


Basic Baby Diapers - an app for the statisticians out there! This allows you to log the number, frequency and type of nappy for multiple babies. It's useful if you need to carefully monitor baby's elimination or if you'd like to know how many nappies you use on a daily, weekly or monthly average. FREE


Flashlight – need to check on baby during the night or want to read a book in bed?! You can turn your smart phone into a torch by turning the screen into a light – this means you can’t use your phone for anything else but it’s handy in the night (don’t forget to set your phone to Flight Mode if you sleep with it!). FREE


All Recipes Dinner Spinner – need recipe inspiration or want to know what you can cook in a certain time using specific ingredients? Dinner Spinner allows you to search by dish type, time available, or ingredients. You can also shake the phone for a random recipe selection. The filters really help maximise this App so if you are vegan, nut free, gluten/dairy free or want something for children this caters for all your needs. FREE


White Noise Baby – more than 15 looped sounds to soothe your baby including classical music, Doppler ultrasound, heartbeat, wind chimes, grandfather clock and various noises (white, blue, pink, red, gray,  violet).  It includes a fade out timer, a baby rattle and is optimized for battery longevity. £0.69


Kindle – want to read in bed as quietly as possible next to sleeping babe? You can turn your smart phone into a book by using the Kindle App. FREE


Baby Monitor - when your phone is left in the same room as your child, the monitor detects noise and will call you on any pre-selected phone number. There are other options such as recording your baby's sounds through the night or as a monitor/alarm it will play a song or a recording of your voice when baby wakes! We include this app, not to encourage you to leave your sleeping baby unattended but to support you in specific moments when you might require back-up. £1.99


Daily Parenting App Know Your Child 0-1 years and 1-6 years - this app offers 1 message per day over a year. The  messages aim to provide you with knowledge about children and children’s development, to remind you to always try to see situations from the child’s perspective and to give you examples of how you can handle the various types of situations that can arise when you are living with a young child. £2.99


Baby Daily Parenting App Know Your Child - This is the free version of 0-1 years, Daily Parenting App Know Your Child. You will receive one message per day during the first two months of your baby’s life. The full version offers one daily message during your baby’s first year, a total of 365 messages. FREE



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Period Planner Lite – tracks your period, predicts your fertile days and logs your symptoms. Once you have entered two or more cycles of data it will improve the prediction and become increasingly accurate over time. It includes a calendar, pregnancy mode, allows you to add notes daily, tracks your symptoms and offers password protection. If you want to know when you are most fertile or become more aware of recognising your body’s messages and managing your period this is a great App! FREE

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