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Nappy-Free / Elimination Communication Resources


Nappy Free Baby - a friendly website explaining how elimination communication works, how to get started, what the benefits may be and a useful FAQ section. There is also a directory of groups nationwide who support each other with the largest in Oxford comprising over 60 members.


Born Ready - this friendly website explains how and why to try pottying from birth and includes an active forum for parents who are both new to EC or who have practiced EC with several children.


Tribal Baby - an Australian site with a wealth of information on all the practicalities of practising elimination communication. The site offers a strong attachment parenting approach with information on cosleeping and baby led weaning among other things.


Born Potty Trained! - a sweet 5 point guide/top tips for getting started with elimination communication.


The Continuum Family - a Canadian website offering articles and information on natural parenting as well as a store specialising in EC items that include the new 'Stand to Pee Device'!





Go Real - the real nappy information service is an independent source of information on the different types of nappy, product reviews, regional schemes, 2nd hand nappies and also features blogs and forums.


The Nappy Site - a great resource for accessing information on baby events and Nappucino Mornings throughout the UK. It is free to advertise used real nappies for sale and the site features interesting articles and reviews on nappies, ethical shops and more.


Used Nappies - a popular UK site for buying and selling used real nappies via an auction format. The list of different nappy types is vast.


Nap Nap Voucher - the home of the recently launched Nap Nap Voucher which works just like a book token and can be bought as a gift to be redeemed in both real and online nappy stores across the UK.


The Totnes Nappy Company - this site has a very useful 'Info & Advice' page with articles among others on 'Common Misconceptions about Cloth Nappies' and 'Detergent Build Up'


gNappies - UK site for plastic-free nappies which are 100% biodegradable in commercial or home managed composts. Commerical compost sites are few and far between but these nappies can turn into food for your garden!



Potty & Beyond


Elizabeth Pantley No-Cry Potty Solution - Pantley is a well respected author of books that promote gentle parenting practices. Her website includes some facts and FAQs about potty training as well as a 'Potty Training Readiness Quiz'.


La Leche League Potty Training Article - a feature from the LLL magazine 'New Beginnings' entitled 'Gentle Encouragement for Potty Training'. The article includes anecdotal responses from mothers who share their ideas and thoughts on the subject.

Elimination Communication (EC) is the name given to the practice of closely observing  the infant's body language when they wish to wee or poo and helping them make an association between this and a cue (such as the sssh sound). The aim is for the child to be nappy-free for much of the time, encourages infant hygiene and nurtures close attachments between carer and child. If we chose nappies, how do we foster a fun relationship between potty and kiddie when there might be more interesting things to play! Hopefully there are some surprising answers here...

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