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Separation & Childcare


Attachment Parenting International - superb resource for considering how best to provide consistent, loving care for your child. There is an especially useful link to 'what can we do to make this transition smoother' for parents facing separation within a nursery setting.


Attachment Childminding - Mari is an AP childminder offering care in the Hebden Bridge area of West Yorkshire who has founded the 'Attachment Parenting Childminders' Network'.


Nurturing Care - a beautiful example of AP childcare - Julia offers childcare & family support to families in their own homes in the Bath area. Her approach to childcare is informed by her degree in Child Psychology and knowledge of Attachment Parenting & Steiner education among other influences.


Effects of Childcare - excellent article investigating the effects of childcare provision at different ages, for different amounts of time and in different contexts. It offers plenty of compelling statistics for UK childcare and it's long term effects on attachment and social behaviour. The article also studies the Danish model of childcare.


Families, Children & Childcare - interesting protocol for research in the UK examining the the effects of different kinds of care on children's development in the first five years. The protocol includes research to date as well as British policy and practice.


Circus Nursery - very interesting blog post by a nursery in Cheltenham that provides training in attachment theory for the nursery staff and views attachment parenting as a gift for every child.


Elizabeth Pantley's No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution - a book by this popular author who advocates gentle parenting practises. The website includes useful excerpts from the book including 'Gentle Ways to Make Good-Bye Easy From Six Months to Six Years'.


Inner Separation Anxiety - a thought provoking take on separation anxiety by writer Scott Noelle for his 'Daily Groove'. Both Part 1 and Part 2 make for very ineresting reading.



Separation & Attachment


Anxiety Care UK - interesting UK website focusing on multiple cause of anxiety. The page on separation is well referenced and discusses fears, phobias and diagnostic features of separation anxiety.


Mary Ainsworth Research - succinct article examining Mary Ainsworth research on child/carer separation as detailed in her work based on the 'Strange Situation' experiment involving one-to-two-year-olds.


Attachment in Adoption/Fostering - written by an independent Social Worker Psychoanalyst and Play Therapist, this paper draws on current developments in attachment theory research to discuss how attachment theory can be applied in cases of adoption or fostering.


Parental Alienation - US website promoting education and research into parental alienation, largely in relation to custody issues. There are many resources, links and articles investing contemporary situations and useful descriptions of how to identy a child experiencing parental alienation.

Separation from your well-attached child can seem daunting...the resources here offer support for how to find a situation that helps the whole family maintain balance in the light of personal circumstances and evidence on research in the field of childcare provision and it's effect on young children in the UK. We have also included some resources on parental alienation in the case of custody situations and attachment theory in the context of separation.


If you are an attachment parenting childcare provider you may want to join the Facebook group for Attachment Childcare Professionals currently in the process of formalising themselves as an AP-style Ofsted registered database for those parents seeking a childminder who understands their family's needs!

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