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The AP Hospital Bag


Birthplan (stick this on the wall at home too!)

Emergency telephone numbers

Bag of coins for car parking, vending machines


Maternity pads

Breast pads 


Nightwear (preferably open fronted for easy feeding)

Lightweight dressing gown

Warm socks


Hairbrush and hair bands

Dark-coloured towel or two

Nursing bra

Several knickers (cotton or disposable)

Front fastening going home outfit 


Camera & video plus chargers

ipod plus charger 


Easy to eat foods and drinks 


Baby wipes or cotton wool

A pack of nappies (cloth of disposable) 


Baby vests - kimono style allows for skin-to-skin while keeping arms warm

Baby sleepsuits

Baby socks

Baby scratch mitts

Soft blanket




Shower cap

Face cloth

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Travel sized toiletries


V-shaped pillow

Lie flat or rear facing car seat

Baby wrap


Some mums decide they would like or might find themselves needing:

Essential Oils

Homeopathy Kit

A supplemental nutrition system (SNS)

A choice of formula (e.g. organic)

Rounded square

Even if you are committed to your homebirth it seems sensible to prepare a hospital bag a few weeks in advance of your due date. It is difficult to know what a hospital experience might be like, how warm or private it will be and what you might need to assist you through your labour and those first few hours and days with your newborn.


Here are some suggestions for the special day, you  don't have to pack them all but they are ideas to have in mind...

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