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The AP Out & About Bag

Your out and about bag will change over time and many Mamas say that, after a while, they've managed just carrying a wet wipe and a change of underwear! You don't need an expensive nappy changing bag either - they are lovely of course but a decent backpack will do a superb job and is so much better for posture and babywearing.


You'll know yourself when it's time to reduce your burden but, initially, here's some of our suggestions...


  • Keys, mobile phone, purse

  • Any medication needed during your time out

  • Important contact numbers, including the NHS Helpline: 0845-4647

  • Any necessary maps, transport timetables

  • A pen (or two!)


  • Nappies or underwear

  • Lightweight foldable travel changing mat

  • Wetwipes (plastic containers with homemade ones are great and avoid chemical nasties!)

  • A little pot of nappy cream if necessary

  • A muslin cloth

  • A pack of tissues


  • Clothes for changeable weather such as waterproof trousers and a light jacket - it mean the difference between playing in the park or avoiding it!

  • Spare change of child clothes (trousers, top and socks are handy along with a bib for any dribblers!)


  • A plastic bag

  • Cotton shopping bag

  • Water in a sippy cup

  • Snacks

  • A small cool bag for very hot weather

  • Bottlefeeders might find a ready-sterilised bottle, secure lid and a carton of ready-to-use formula useful.  This lovely website has a number of BPA, PVC & Phthalates free, self warming bottles.  


  • Art bag (notepad/crayons/pens )

  • Shopping trolley token

  • Tape measure


  • Plasters

  • Sting-free antiseptic wipes


  • Some parents interested in alternative remedies carry items such as Colloidal Silver Spray, Arnica, Rescue Remedy etc - we encourage people to do their own research before choosing these products.



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Parents who babywear have to think carefully about how much they carry in their out and about bags!


Go continental, use a shopping trolley -perfect sense for babywearers!


Many buggies have handy velcro fastening bags to put between the handlebars or underneath - older toddlers who are used to being carried sometimes find the buggy a novelty!


Soft structured baby carriers often have accessories including pouches which can be fastened to the front of the carrier and are a perfect size for passports, wipes and a nappy!

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