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Women's Health


Manual Lymphatic Drainage - a specialised massage technique with a powerful application to the breast, especially after weaning when the breast has stopped milk production.


Pregnancy & Childbirth - a selection of diverse article relating to pregnancy and birth including those on iodine, nausea, infertility, diabetes and vitamin D.


Breast Thermography - an early-detection thermal imaging screening method for abnormalities in the breast.


Bras and Breast Cancer - details of a report showing a correlation between the number of hours a bra is worn per day with the incidence of breast cancer.


Breastfeeding & Breast Cancer - A Lancet report looking at hormonal factors in relation to breastfeeding and cancer. This report is part of The Million Women study - a confidential national study of women's health.


Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support - APOPS seeks to support woman with pelvic organ prolapse and their website includes treatment tips, a risk factor questionnaire, videos, surveys, research and  more for those who suspect they have, or have been diagnosed with POP.


Pelvic Floor Health - UK site detailing the anatomy and importance of a strong pelvic floor including exercises, tips and articles for strengthening the pelvic floor and dealing with stress incontinence.


Pelvic Girdle Pain - formerly known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), pelvic girdle pain is a major cause for discomfort during pregnancy and post-partum. This site offers recommendations for treatment and debunks some myths.



Diverse Health Resources


Pathways to Family Wellness - a quarterly digital and print non-profit magazine featuring many attachment-related articles including those on babywearing, birthing and breastfeeding. This interesting magazine features discussion on controversial topics such as vaccination, crying, nature and healing.


7 Toxins to Avoid - a research-based article outlining the 7 toxins to avoid as a parent including phthalates, sulphates and parabens as well as where you might find them in consumer products.


Healthy Baby - excellent selection of child-related health articles including those on essential fatty acids, colic, breastfeeding and cavaties, canrcinogens, cows milk and more.


Hidden Hazards of Microwave Ovens - if you use a microwave for heating baby milk or food this is a well researched and worthwhile article to read.


Dental/Oral Health - this page offers two articles on dental health featuring information on dental chemicals/toxins, and a look at oral disease including the research on peridontal disease and pregnancy.


Bishphenol A - article detailing the toxic effects of BPA on babies and infants, where it can be found and how to reduce your exposure.


10 Facts about Fluoride - an extremely well-referenced article explaining ten important facts about the history, use and attitude towards the use of fluoride in drinking water and dental products.


Chemical Sunscreen - described as a health disaster, this article investigates the contents and effects of chemical sunscreen including the effect on children and breast milk.


Non-Toxic Kids - American blog detailing the latest in research about toxic products or procedures relevant to children.


Organic - this webpage lists 10 top reasons to buy organic food for your family. It also offers information specifically for children  including recipes and ideas for organic baby food and lunch boxes.


DHA and Kids - useful expert interview explaining the importance of essential fatty acids for childhood brain development.



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Parenting is a physical experience in so many expected and unexpected ways - emotionally it is no different, the surprises unfold daily. The varied complimentary and alternative approaches to well-being and maternal/child health provide fascinating evidence. Attachment Parenting is often considered a very concious form of parenting where questioning and the pursuit of truth lies at the heart of many decisions. This page offers some resources to support you in gaining wider perspective on the factors that contribute to a safer, healthier approach to the home and child-raising.

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