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Why practice AP?

We asked parents practicing some or all of the attachment parenting principles why attachment parenting appeared to work for them and we wanted to share their thoughts with you...














I find by paying attention and responding to our child with empathy, he is more motivated to communicate with us, meaning we understand each other better - and that makes everything easier in the long run. Lynn



They're little for such a short time, why spend that time 'training' them to do everything when you can give them the love and security they need to learn themselves. Kayleigh



I fought for the first 2 weeks with a baby who would not sleep. The instant I started to co-sleep, baby wear and breast feed on demand I averaged 12 hours a night. My baby is happy, attached and secure. I am following my instincts and as a single mum am happier than ever. Dawn



It means you enjoy every moment instead of worrying what they aren't doing or should be doing. You get the chance to grow together. It just came naturally to us, as we followed our hearts. Then we found out there was a whole community of people out there doing the same!




We meet every single one of our babies' needs in utero. Why should that change in the outside world? They need physical and emotional attachment to us in order to thrive and this means listening in to our instinctive voice, blocking out the intrusive noise from society. Katie



I used whatever I could to help my child feel safe, secure and loved. I only found out afterwards that many of the things I'd been doing naturally were "attachment parenting". Now if I'm stuck for ideas I have a name for my type of parenting so it helps me look for solutions that fit with my philosophy. Kristabel



The natural closeness of attachment parenting is what stands out for us, allowing myself to understand my baby boy and his needs and to always be close enough to meet and comfort him. It’s amazing how now at 7 months the trust we have grown together. At night when he stirs a simple loving hand on his chest will send him back off to sleep, it’s just wonderful. Beckah



I've yet to hear a single logical reason why I shouldn't spend every possible minute with my baby son. He depends on me for absolutely everything. If I wasn't willing to meet those needs, I wouldn't have had a baby. I love to wake up and see him open his eyes, focus, and break into a grin as if saying, ‘oh, it's you!’ Lucy



AP is the 'big idea' behind our parenting. The idea being, 'I love you, I trust you, I'm here for you.' I'm so happy we AP'd by accident and now by design, it's the best thing we've ever done. Lucy O.



I battled internally with my first baby listening to well intended advice and constantly worried about that ‘rod for my own back’ everyone goes on and on about but I wish I had the courage of my convictions then as I do now. My babies wanted to be close to me, I wanted to be close to my babies – simple. Shelley



It's intuitive! So much easier to follow intuition than to go against it! Tania



I  breastfed my two elder children for nearly 5 years,  and they usually slept in our bed. They are now in their 30's and I believe our family has weathered many storms because of the closeness developed during their early childhood .  They had fewer teenage issues than most of their friends, and have never doubted my love for them. There wasn't much discipline either, but they have grown into polite  decent people.  They all graduated from college. It isn't true that you have to be a stay-at -home mum,  it was because I worked that I slept with my kids in order to be close to them at least at night.   Children need closeness and unconditional love, but they always knew where I draw the line. I could not put up with rudeness and extreme selfishness. I am so glad to hear that people are no longer laughing at  this parenting style.  Everyone laughed at me.  Pamela



My husband was working full time and studying an engineering degree so the majority of parenting fell on my shoulders. Initially I tried to cope with all this by following mainstream advice from my peers. Each piece of advice went against my instincts.... and failed. I turned to attachment parenting. Baby wearing was a lifesaver, co-sleeping gave me the opportunity of a warm bed, more sleep and gave my husband the gift of reconnecting with our daughter after not being able to spend quality time together during the day.

The bond with our daughter is strong. I don't have much time away from her; 15 hours a week of which one day is with her daddy and one day is with a fantastic childminder. Attachment parenting has made our family thrive. We are enjoying this so much. I get so excited seeing who our girl is becoming, thanks to the common sense approach. We are yet to go out together on our own in the evening, one of us is always at home with her at night. Yet our marriage is wonderful and I believe this is because attachment parenting doesn't just foster a respectful relationship with children but with your partner too. She has been a blessing which has deepened our capacity to love in ways we hadn't imagined. Lying in bed with our girl snoring lightly is something we dreamed of! I can't imagine doing anything differently now. It feels easy. Katherine

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