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"Children learn how to make good decisions by making decisions, not by following directions"

Alfie Kohn

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"Finding a local group was a huge relief - I hadn't realised how isolated I felt..." Jo, meeting attendee

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Top Toddler Tip: Encourage meal-time cooperation by storing childrens plates, cutlery, cups somewhere accessible to set the table.

Attachment Parenting is about;


...building strong bonds by responding to childrens' needs in a timely and sensitive way

...modelling behaviour and having respect, empathy and a desire for connection relationship quality built on physical closeness & emotional understanding

...feeling your way with trust in your instincts and compassion for yourself


Attached families may enjoy the benefits of bedsharing, babywearing or breastfeeding but these are not essential; think of them as tools not rules!

Attachment Parenting is for everyone!

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APUK loves Kate Jangra's newly released film, Babyhood.


Engaging, educational, inspiring and brimming with integrity, it is an essential social document for our time. Babyhood features Sue Gerhardt, Suzanne Zeedyke, Sue Palmer and many others sharing their professional insights...


Kate told us "This project was born out of my experiences of having my first child, and how much it made me question myself and everything I thought was normal. I hope the film starts a debate, a thought or something that will help you to follow your instinct and not be led down the mainstream, self-conscious, tried and failed route."


Watch the trailer...the entire film is available to watch for a very reasonable fee via Distrify.... 

Granddaughter (7-9) building sandcastles with grandmother at beach

Make the best investment for your child by making an investment in yourself - it's invaluable.

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