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Positive Disclipine Course

Study 10 modules with us and you’ll enjoy a superb connection with your child that brings you both more fun and ease!

For parents with children of all ages.

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What our parents say

I would highly recommend the course for all parents regardless of where they are in their parenting journey- you won’t fail to take away something valuable!


I found the course immensely interesting and enlightening. Not only has it increased my understanding of my children but has also answered many questions about my own childhood


Knowing the brain development was particularly useful and something I shared with my partner so that he has an understanding of why our children can’t emotionally regulate during the peak of a tantrum


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What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting is all about relationship quality.  Described clinically as ‘a lasting psychological connectedness’ attachment is created by the sensitive nurturing of primary caregivers.

Empathy and responsiveness foster healthy emotional development and a sense of security that transcends time and place.

Children who feel secure and trust in attachments are more likely to develop stronger self-esteem, experience social success and less depression.

The early years create a blueprint of behaviours that really do last a lifetime.  If we learn that love and care is available and dependable in childhood, we enter adult relationships with those same expectations and loving behaviours.

Some practices, such as sling wearing or co-sleeping may enhance our ability to be sensitively responsive but none are essential – the possibilities for playful and loving connections are infinite. 

Whether you call it gentle parenting, intuitive parenting or attachment parenting  – it’s all about realistic expectations of your child and a desire to speak their language of play!