Positive Discipline

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To the parent who knows their child deserves the BEST version of you.

Study 10 modules with us and you’ll enjoy a superb connection with your child that brings you both more fun and ease.

Great parenting doesn’t just come from having lots of tools and techniques…but from an understanding of how the mind really works so you stress less and play more!
1.Who's the course for?

Parents of newborns who want to gain insight into conditioned thinking so they can parent as consciously as possible

Parents of toddlers who want to be less reactive and better able to honour the BIG emotions with grace & respect.

Parents of school age who want to create more listening & connection as their children grow more independent

    Positive Discipline
    Positive Discipline

    This course has been featured with:

    3 heartfelt reasons parents RECOMMEND the POSITIVE DISCIPLINE Course!

    • Reliable research

      We love research that supports our natural instincts and some that proves our approaches can sometimes be counter-intuitive!

    • Relatable videos

      The module videos are designed to help you digest big concepts and apply them to real life with some self-forgiveness and compassion

    • Radical reflection

      Modern parenting is crazy intense - our reflection questions invite you into contemplation that will blow open new perspectives

    It's time to shift old patterns (and heal those triggers) to create the most peaceful home possible. Just like it's done for our previous parents:

    "Highly beneficial to my family"

    The course really helped me reflect on my parenting and make changes that have been highly beneficial to my family and my childminding business.


    "I am blown away by the shift"

    I am blown away by the shift in my thoughts already. This course should be compulsory for new parents! The understanding I now have and the fantastic explanations are just amazing!

    Emily Rose

    "if only nurseries taught this"

    If only nurseries/childcare qualifications taught this. Years I spent training and there’s more valuable information in these few modules I’ve done than my NVQs.


    "I now know how to help her"

    I’ve learnt a lot more about child development and I understand why my daughter feels frustrated/angry/upset and know how to help her through it. Lucy Marie

    Author's name

    The Positive Discipline Course

    Learn with Michelle

    Parenting is intense! The course is my response to the many questions I’ve been asked over the years…

    We all want to feel playful and loving but sometimes life gets in the way – this helps you reconnect with the fun!

    I empower you to access your peaceful clarity and loving confidence.

    I can’t wait to remind you how good it feels to trust your own wisdom.

    • Michelle is the founding director of Attachment Parenting UK, mentor and facilitator but mostly a mummy! 

    The single most important thing you can do is listen.

    This is what you subconsciously want to do but it’s super easy to get reactive and not give yourself permission to do it (even though it brings incredible and immediate results!)

    Why trying to fix and distract your child from their feelings never really works

    Even the most experienced parents will fall into the trap of believing that ‘difficult’ feelings need fixing…we can trust in the child’s innate resilience and support them from the position of empathetic witnesses

    Father reading to a child

    How you can use your natural wisdom

    Your inner knowing will have informed many of your intuitive decisions and has served your higher good in an effortless way. Tapping into the flow and ease of this wisdom brings many rewards

    Why so many peaceful parents are embracing this simple but profound secret

    Maybe it’s not a secret but something long forgotten…an understanding that will effortlessly transform family life in ways you could never have dreamed of (and quickly!)

    10 Modules + videos + quizzes + reflection questions

    You'll understand how the mind really works and why mood matters

    We explore what positive discipline means and lay down the 2 main foundation stones for the course – how the child’s wellbeing is innate and how we experience our thought-created reality. We discuss what we can’t control and fix and what we are responsible for – taking A LOT of the pressure and stress out of parenting. The parenting style questionnaire will reveal your predominant parenting style and what that means for your child.

    You'll know exactly how to hold confident boundaries, respect a tantrum and handle aggression

    We explore the key factors in setting confident boundaries with kindness and firmness. We dive into the toddlers neurological world of intense emotions, why they happen and how we can support the child without needing to distract or interfere. We also explain the real cause of aggression and share practical ideas on how to keep everyone safe. Want to know how to stay calm in those stressful moments - we'll explain how to work with your own brain!

    You'll discover how encouragement and gratitude trump praise and rewards

    We will look at why rewards don’t work and what to do instead as well as the value of encouragement over praise. We share an amazing tool for shifting stuckness in all your relationships and how to get out of some unconscious ruts so you can deepen connection with your child. You'll also see how to support siblings in feeling valued for who they are.

    You'll find freedom in making bedtimes peaceful, connecting and nourishing

    We look at what children’s real needs are at sleeptime, why there is a forbidden sleep zone and how different children prepare for sleep differently. We also look at the purpose of crying, how it impacts on us as carers, and it's potential for meaningful connection between adult and child.

    Free Positive Planner worth £24

    Keep track of progress with your children and your own wellbeing with our best selling Positive Planner.

    What you’ll find inside:

    • Daily intentions & evening reflections
    • Weekly meal planners & shopping lists
    • Positive affirmations
    • 3 four-week calendars & mood trackers
    • Activities for mindfulness
    • Activities to encourage positive thinking

    What you will gain from enrolling on the course.

    Deep insight into your own patterned behaviours

    Awareness of partner dynamics in parenting

    Sound grasp of child brain development

    Self-trust in respecting tantrums calmly

    Action plan for handling aggressive situations

    Communication skills for diffusing power struggles

    Connection and cooperation like never before

    Skills for playful, peaceful bedtimes

    Confidence setting meaningful boundaries

    Now you have a choice! 

    • You can continue as you are and experience the same challenges and frustrations when deep down you know there's another way...

    • Or tap into our empowering ground-breaking psychological approach to make dynamic but effortless family change


    What are the entry requirements for the course?

    The course is designed for anyone caring for a child including family, childminders, foster carers, nursery workers, healthcare practitioners, nannies, teachers and teaching assistants. 

    Who is this course for?

    The course is designed for anyone caring for a child including family, childminders, foster carers, nursery workers, healthcare practitioners, nannies, teachers and teaching assistants. 

    Can the course support my career?

    Absolutely! The course is unique in the UK and shows you have niche communication skills and child development knowledge transferrable to all aspects of work involving children, whether that is childminding, paediatrics, nursery care or in schools.

    How much study time is required?

    It depends on how quickly you would like to complete your diploma. You can study for as many hours per week as your life allows. The guided learning hours to complete this course is 10 hours.

    Will I receive a certificate?

    You will be able to print a certificate in CHILD POSITIVE DISCIPLINE on completion of the course. If you’d like a certificate in a name different to the one you enrolled with (due to a name change) then please email us at michelle@attachmentparenting.co.uk

    You can also email us to request a digital graduate badge.