Maximize Your Parenting Journey: Join Our Attachment Parenting Conference with Vegan Lunch, Creche Services, and More!

Maximize Your Parenting Journey: Join Our Attachment Parenting Conference with Vegan Lunch, Creche Services, and More!

[caption id="attachment_6483" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Christmas Blikle Food Brownie Xmas Cakes Cake[/caption] We know that carving out the time to attend a 1-day conference can be a major under-taking, not to mention the financial investment and travel time. It's perfectly understandable to have some concerns so hopefully we can put your mind at ease.

What about lunch (I also have dietary requirements)?

You'll be served with welcoming smiles and receive a nutritious vegan lunch. Our relaxed refreshment breaks include Pukka teas, homemade cakes and biscuits and fruit! We will use mostly organic and seasonal ingredients and there will also be sourdough bread and gluten-free corn bread. We aim to really take great care of you - having a day to nourish yourself can be a treat so we’re there to make it special.

My baby is too young to leave with someone else.

Babes-in-arms are welcome in the auditorium - we trust that you know your little one well enough to know whether they can be peaceful enough to not cause significant disruption. Our speakers invest a lot of time preparing, and delivering a talk is a real challenge so we will aim to support each other to maintain the space as a deep listening space.

What about my toddler?

This has been a massively difficult decision for us but we know the content we are offering is so powerful and so meaningful that the space requires the sort of listening that's not possible when you're supervising and meeting the needs of young children. We also know that an adult listening space is not what young children want - their need to move and play and make noise is wonderful which is why we provide the creche and trust that there are loving secondary and tertiary attachments to support you in the discoveries which will positively transform and benefit your family.

Can I still see my child if they are in the creche?

The beautiful Steiner Kindergarten will be offering a creche for children age 4-11 years. Little ones will be in groups of 10-12 children with 2 Steiner staff per group. The children will do baking, forest school activities, crafting and free play! Parents and carers will be welcome to drop in during the breaks and for 1 hour during the 90 minute lunch break - staff will time things so that parent breaks don't disrupt the children's activities.

Are the exhibitors worth seeing?

Our exhibitors will be sharing their innovative products, franchises and services relevant to attachment parenting. Many of these will be brought to us by smaller businesses run by attachment families and so bring a friendly dynamic edge to the day.

I won't know anyone else attending

You'll be warmly welcomed by our team of volunteers and the day is designed to get people talking and engaging with each other. Our exhibitors are there to connect with you and there will be a comfy corner where you can chat to the speakers in the breaks. You definitely won't feel alone and there will be lots of people wanting to chat to you if you wish.

Will I get to take anything away?

A lovely goody bag including leaflets, samples, vouchers and discounts including a hefty discount on the APUK-accredited Positive Discipline eCourse. We also plan to video the event and share footage with you afterwards, not to mention unforgettable memories, new social and business connections, and inspiration to make changes in all your loving relationships.

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