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See how change can happen in an instant with a 30 minute or 1 hr call with Michelle. 

When offering parenting advice, the most commonly received questions are;

How can I not feel so triggered, get past my anxieties, enjoy my child again, be a better parent, find more family ease, enjoy more connection with my children and partner.

To answer these questions I created our accredited Positive Discipline ecourse…the most dedicated attention I can offer is through a personal 1-to-1 conversation.

    Parenting Advice and Mentoring

    Parenting Advice to help you bond with your child

    It really helps to talk - I'm here to listen

    I’ve been a parent to two daughters for 15 years. I really didn’t know what I was signing myself up for! It has brought me to my knees and filled me with joy and everything in-between. I imagine you know the feeling?!

    I work from lived experience which includes my eldest needing heart surgery, the pain of divorce, embracing a step-parent and a pandemic. 

    I also work from the heart so I approach you and your children with deep care and compassion.

    If you’re looking to handle your current situation better, I’m here for you. It’s so helpful to talk things through with someone who doesn’t have an agenda to fix or blame. I can support you to see things from a fresh perspective and offer you creative ideas to approach things differently.

    If you want help with bedtimes, aggression, big emotions, your own guilt or feeling triggered then get in touch. Maybe everything is going well but you know challenges are upcoming, don’t hesitate to connect with me. 

    • Michelle is the founding director of Attachment Parenting UK, mentor and facilitator but mostly a mummy! 

    It's time to shift old patterns (and heal those triggers) to create the most peaceful home possible. Just like it's done for our previous parents:

    "Highly beneficial to my family"

    The course really helped me reflect on my parenting and make changes that have been highly beneficial to my family and my childminding business.


    "I am blown away by the shift"

    I am blown away by the shift in my thoughts already. This course should be compulsory for new parents! The understanding I now have and the fantastic explanations are just amazing!

    Emily Rose

    "if only nurseries taught this"

    If only nurseries/childcare qualifications taught this. Years I spent training and there’s more valuable information in these few modules I’ve done than my NVQs.


    "I now know how to help her"

    I’ve learnt a lot more about child development and I understand why my daughter feels frustrated/angry/upset and know how to help her through it. Lucy Marie

    Author's name

    The single most important thing you can do is listen

    This is what you subconsciously want to do but it’s super easy to get reactive and not give yourself permission to do it (even though it brings incredible and immediate results!)

    Why trying to fix and distract your child from their feelings never really works

    Even the most experienced parents will fall into the trap of believing that ‘difficult’ feelings need fixing…we can trust in the child’s innate resilience and support them from the position of empathetic witnesses

    Father reading to a child

    How you can use your natural wisdom

    Your inner knowing will have informed many of your intuitive decisions and has served your higher good in an effortless way. Tapping into the flow and ease of this wisdom brings many rewards

    Why so many peaceful parents are embracing this simple but profound secret

    Maybe it’s not a secret but something long forgotten…an understanding that will effortlessly transform family life in ways you could never have dreamed of (and quickly!)

    Now you have a choice! 

    • You can continue as you are and experience the same challenges and frustrations when deep down you know there's another way...

    • Or tap into our empowering ground-breaking psychological approach to make dynamic but effortless family change